Neighbourhood Highlight: The Serene Allendale

If you prefer a cozy and relaxed suburban lifestyle but still want to be near an energetic city, Edmonton’s Allendale neighbourhood is your perfect match!

Allendale is in south-west Edmonton, in between Whyte Avenue and Southgate.

It has been a core part of the Edmonton identity since 1912 when Strathcona and Edmonton amalgamated.

Because of the neighborhood’s long legacy, nearly half of the homes were constructed between the end of World War 2 and 1960. One-third of the properties were built during the 1960s and 1970s and the rest were constructed within the last 40 years.

In Allendale, you will mainly find single-family homes and duplexes. Though, apartment style residences and condos are minimal in this area. The average listing price in Allendale is $451K.

Below are three reasons why you’re going to want to call Allendale home!

1. It’s the perfect neighbourhood for families!

Source: Next Home - Allendale Park

Because Allendale is predominantly a single-family residential neighbourhood that is close to grocery stores, hospitals, and other every-day essential services, it’s a convenient place to raise a family!

Plus, Allendale School— a junior high school— is in the area with elementary and high schools located nearby. There are also a variety of top-quality childcare centres to accommodate the busy parenting life.

Even more, Allendale Park— a large playground near the school— can offer your kids some fun any time of the year! In the summer, the park hosts soccer games for the children’s community league and in the winter, skaters and hockey players can rock around the outdoor rink!

2. Never a dull moment!

Source: Travel Alberta - Whyte Avenue

Even though the neighbourhood is very family friendly, Allendale still gives off a youthful energy as there is a huge population of young singles, students, and couples. These groups tend to appreciate how close Allendale is to Jasper Avenue— Edmonton’s official main street. Here, you can find an exciting night life, amazing restaurants, pubs, entertainment, and more!

Allendale is also conveniently located near Whyte Avenue, which boasts many cultural attractions, hosts big festivals, and is home to some of the most unique local boutique shops in the province!

Some local favourite spots in Allendale include Betsy’s South African Deli, the Artistic Bake Shop, and Asian Express Hotpot— all serving delicious and convenient food that will have you coming back for more!

3. The perfect escape from the hustle and bustle!

Source: Narcity – The IceWay in Victoria Park

Allendale is known for its quiet streets that are lined with beautiful trees, mature landscaping, tranquil walking paths, and wonderful recreational opportunities.

You can find the historic Alberta Legislature Grounds nearby, where you can enjoy over 57 acres of tree-lined walking paths, picnic areas, gorgeous cultural monuments, and more!

In the colder months, residents of Allendale have easy access to Rainbow Valley Park where they can go snowboarding and skiing. There is also Victoria Park where you can go snowshoeing and skate around the IceWay— which is a 700-metre illuminated loop!


Allendale is a truly special neighbourhood that is here to give you the peace and quiet you may crave while still being just a stone’s throw away from the downtown core and other cultural hubs in Edmonton. You can truly enjoy the best of both worlds in Allendale!

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