5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Strathcona, Edmonton

If you're looking for a vibrant and thriving neighbourhood in Edmonton, look no further than Strathcona. Located in south-central Edmonton, this historic neighbourhood stands out from the rest because of all it has to offer!

Over the past few years, the charm of Strathcona has attracted many 20–40-year-olds looking for a creative and fun community.

But no matter your age, if you’re young at heart and love to be a part of an engaging community, Strathcona has something for you!

Here are 5 reasons why you’ll want to call this spunky neighbourhood home!

1. Travel Through History

Figure 1: The Strathcona Edmonton Public Library - source: Jeffery J. Nichols (Wikimedia)

With Strathcona being one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, there’s a lot of history you can uncover and learn just by taking a simple stroll.

This neighbourhood was once its own city until 1912 when it was amalgamated with Edmonton. Many of the neighbourhood’s history resides in Old Strathcona, the historic district of the city and where much of the Strathcona neighbourhood is.

Today, you can still experience the historical magic of Strathcona by visiting some of the oldest buildings and landmarks the city and province have to offer. This includes the elegant Strathcona Library, which was completed in 1913 and was the first library in Edmonton.

Additionally, you can see the longstanding Strathcona Hotel— a wood-framed hotel built in 1891. This antique hotel holds a special place in history as it was a hotspot for many travellers and immigrants after the arrival of the railway in Edmonton over a century ago.

2. Unparalleled Arts Scene

Figure 2: The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival - source: Flickr

Calling all arts lovers! Staying in Strathcona means staying in Edmonton’s main arts and entertainment district.

It is home to classic art houses, incomparable galleries, eclectic music shops, and a growing number of independent theatres that will feed your soul and inspire creativity!

In the summers, you have the opportunity to experience the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, which meaningfully combines community with art.

This incredible festival is the oldest and largest Fringe Theatre festival in North America, and it is ranked among the top 5 Fringe Festivals in the entire world, echoing how beloved the arts are here in Strathcona!

3. It’s a Foodie’s Paradise

Figure 3: The Old Strathcona Farmers' Market - source: Explore Edmonton

In Old Strathcona alone, there are over 100 restaurants for you to choose from! You can visit local cafes and bakeries that serve some of the best coffee and pastries in the city!

You will also find diverse restaurants where you can get a taste of Chinese specialties, authentic Mexican cuisine, unforgettable Korean dishes, flavourful Indian food, premier Albertan meat shops, and so much more!

Plus, this neighbourhood is home to Edmonton’s original indoor farmers’ market, which has been operating every Saturday since 1983. Here, you can experience some of the region’s freshest produce, baked goods, and local food!

Whatever your palette prefers, Strathcona won’t let you down!

4. One-of-a-Kind Shops & Boutiques

Figure 4: Whyte Avenue - source: Travel Alberta

If you head down the famous Whyte Avenue, you’ll come across some of the coolest and snazziest independent shops in the city!

Whether you love the vintage look or want something a bit on the trendy side, the various clothing, shoes, and home décor shops will have something that will pique your interest!

A fan favourite is the legendary independent boutique, Gravitypope. Here you can find a wide selection of impressive men’s and women’s footwear, clothing, and accessories from all over the world.

Another must-visit shop is the environmentally conscious, chic, and internationally recognized e-commerce boutique named okakie that sells high-quality womenswear.

5. Breathtaking Views

Figure 5: The North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton

Strathcona also gives residents a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life as it offers easy access to scenic nature paths and adventures!

The picturesque North Saskatchewan River is perfect for those who love to play in the outdoors, as it can be used year-round for canoeing, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, and more!

The Strathcona neighbourhood also offers you close proximity to the Mill Creek Ravine, a popular location for dog walkers, runners, hikers, and mountain bikers. There is a 10.6-km loop trail suitable for all skill levels, and it is beautiful to visit any time of year!


You can always find something special to do or see in the fascinating Strathcona neighbourhood!

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