5 Reasons Why Downtown Edmonton Is the Place to Be!

Like other major Canadian cities, Edmonton has a lot going on at any time of the year. But unlike the others, Edmonton is still fairly small with around 11,000 people living in the downtown core—offering you a more intimate city experience.  
Downtown Edmonton has a wide selection of charming warehouse lofts, sophisticated townhouses, and lavish high-rise buildings at prices other major North American cities can’t compete with.  
The charm of the Downtown neighbourhood is truly undeniable. Below are 5 reasons why young professionals, students, and empty nesters are flocking to this city’s core!   

1. Extreme Accessibility 

Figure 1: The Edmonton Light Rail Transit - source: Jakub Limanowka 
Downtown Edmonton is an attractive neighbourhood for those who like to walk and bike to places. With a walkability score of 86 and a biking score of 75, most of the key attractions, offices, the MacEwan University, and essential services in Downtown Edmonton can be easily accessed by foot.  
But if you’re not keen on these methods of transportation, the downtown core is a part of Edmonton’s elaborate and affordable public transportation system which is known to have one of the best bus networks in Canada. 
Additionally, those in the downtown neighbourhood can access Edmonton’s easy-to-use light rail transit system in place to conveniently take you anywhere around the city.  

2. A Celebrated Arts & Culture Scene 

Figure 2: The Royal Alberta Museum - source: archello

You will always find something entertaining and exciting to do downtown! 
For instance, you will find the Citadel Theatre, which is one of the largest theatres in Canada. It showcases impressive international and Canadian theatre productions which make for a fun night out for all! 
You can also find the Royal Alberta Museum of human and natural history, which is the largest in western Canada. Here, people of all ages can learn the history of Alberta’s people, animals, landscapes, see a live Bug Gallery, and more! 
  If you’re more of a sports fan, downtown is still the place for you, as it houses the Edmonton Oilers over at Rogers Place. When the Oilers aren’t playing, you can catch some of the biggest concerts, shows, and live events here, as it can hold over 20,734 people.  

3. Sir Winston Churchill Square 

Figure 3: Sir Winston Churchill Square - source: Expedia 

Churchill Square is the energetic heartbeat of the Downtown core. Here is where you can find quality entertainment for kids, adults, seniors, and anyone in-between.  
The square is known to host many lively festivals, special events at night, public art installations, and more. You can also find pavilions, water features, and relaxing seating areas here.  
Even more, theatres, malls, and amazing restaurants can be found conveniently around the square so that you can get a taste of the best the city has to offer.  

4. The Victoria Promenade 

Figure 4: The Victoria Promenade - source: City of Edmonton 
If you ever feel the need to escape the fast-paced city life, you can easily do so while remaining in the Downtown neighbourhood. All you need to do is visit the Victoria Promenade! 
The Victoria Promenade has a well-maintained bike and walking path with many comfortable benches along the way that invite you to sit back and take-in the stunning views of the river valley and the south side of Edmonton.  

5. The Lively Jasper Avenue 

Figure 5: Jasper Avenue - source: Wikimedia Commons 

Known for being one of the busiest streets in the city for nightlife, you can find many local bars that can offer you a wide selection of impressive drinks in an enjoyable atmosphere! 
If you’re a music lover, it’s easy to find bars and clubs playing live music and DJ’s spinning beloved tracks that will sure get you up on your feet! 
On Jasper Avenue, you can find a good mix of upscale, lavish, laid-back, and affordable options that can all provide you with a great time, no matter what your budget is! 


Downtown Edmonton is a fantastic place to work and live if you are inspired and energized by the bustling city-vibe lifestyle! 

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