3 Edmonton Neighborhoods You Need to Put on Your Radar

With its picturesque green spaces, superior festival scene, vibrant night life, and extreme affordability, it’s no surprise that young professionals, families, and retirees are flocking to the city of Edmonton.

Despite its recent growth, the city still remains friendly, safe, fun, and relaxing. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a neighbourhood ready to give it to you.

Looking for the perfect neighbourhood in Edmonton to live in? Well, here’s your in-depth guide to 3 up & coming neighbourhoods in the most northern city in North America!

1. Ritchie
Since 2017, this charming, affordable, and established neighbourhood in South-east Edmonton has been in the process of getting revamped—and it’s working as the changes have attracted people from all walks of life!

Neighbourhood highlights:

Easy Access to Nature & Parks: This neighbourhood is extremely close to the Mill Creek Ravine which means residents don’t have to travel far for some relaxation!

Very Active Community League: What gives Ritchie its unique and warm personality is its community league that frequently hosts concerts, classes, and a yearly chili cook-off to create a truly connected and strong community!

Ritchie Market: This community-centric market resides in a shared space that houses local food and drink businesses that will have you coming back for more!

Housing Options
Whether you’re looking for a warm family home, a sophisticated condo, or a luxury home, the Ritchie neighbourhood has something for you. The average cost of a home is $379000 with the max reaching $998,000.

2. Ambleside
This new, quiet, and convenient suburban neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton has quickly become a favourite among young families.

Neighbourhood highlights:

Convenience: Ambleside was designed to be a city within a city so everything you may need is just a stone’s throw away at the Currents of Windermere shopping plaza. The downtown core and other key parts of the city are fairly easy to drive to if you crave something more!

Outdoor Appeal: It’s extremely easy to enjoy the outdoors as there are many walkways that lead to scenic parks and ponds.

Diverse Shopping Options: You can find high-end restaurants and shops AND budget friendly options to meet the needs of every type of resident!

Housing Options
As this neighbourhood is popular among families, 55% of all residential housing are single and semi-detached homes.

However, there are still options for you if you don’t have children as 30% of residential housing are row and low-rise housing, and 15% are medium and high-rise buildings.

3. Downtown Edmonton
This neighbourhood has been through massive transformations in the last few years to accommodate the growing population. It is now a very energetic residential and commercial area that can offer you a unique and fast-paced city lifestyle.

Neighbourhood highlights:

Convenience: If you work or study in Edmonton, the downtown core makes it easy to get wherever you need to as most things are in walking distance and because there’s reliable public transportation.

Affordability: Even though the downtown neighbourhood is more expensive than others in Edmonton, it is still more affordable than other major Canadian cities. After all, it has made the top 5 list of most affordable cities in the world.

There’s Always Something to Do: Because it’s the city’s core, there are events for all types of crowds. For instance, the city is known for being the “Festival City of Canada”.

Plus, It’s the home to various professional sports teams and a very established arts scene. It also boasts a vibrant night life, and an extraordinary food scene. Safe to say, you will never be bored.

Housing Options
Like other major downtown cores, you can expect many trendy condos that average $250,000. If your budget allows it, you may even want to consider the upscale townhomes or detached homes that have an average price of $440,000.

It’s an exciting time to be house hunting in the ever-evolving Edmonton!

There’s a wide range of neighbourhoods, including the three on this list, that can offer you an extraordinary living experience that will make you proud to call Edmonton home.

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