Jonathan Lusok

Growing up on the Northside of Edmonton, I literally lived on the City Limits.  Being on the cusp of a Big City while also straddling the outskirts and wide-open fields meant that my childhood was both urban and rural.  My Brother and I relished having the best of both worlds and were very curious to explore our surroundings!  My extreme love of the outdoors was born out of a childhood spent mostly outside.  One of my passions growing up was dirt biking. My Mom's attempt to corral her son's adventurous side backfired when she bought us a broken bike that didn't work - we spent days taking it apart, cleaning it and eventually rebuilding it. I live my life the same way today - I like to get my hands dirty and learn everything about how things work. 

While not outside, I learned about the world of business and Real Estate through osmosis; my Father was a successful Edmonton Real Estate Agent.  I was fascinated by his natural ability to help total strangers find their dream homes.  My parents encouraged me to invest in Real Estate at a young age, and I have been successfully flipping houses for 15 years. When I wasn't investing in Properties, I was investing in my passion for Hair and Business. I was a hairstylist for 20 years and owned my own upscale salon in the heart of downtown Edmonton for 15 years; Harrow Hair Company.  

Much like Liv Real Estate, my Hair Company was founded on providing excellent customer service experiences and only employing highly educated professionals.  I looked for people that took their work and their customers seriously and treated others how they would like to be treated. Similarly, I have now gravitated to a Brokerage and work culture that prides itself on being experts in their field, both in their knowledge of Real Estate and how they treat others.  

Over the years, I have purchased countless properties, taking character homes and completely renovating them while preserving their unique charm.  Turning forgotten gems into beautiful modern homes for new families is exhilarating and highly rewarding.  Helping others find their dream home is now what drives me most. I've grown up watching it happen for others through my Dad, I've done it for myself many times, and I'm ready and excited to help you!